3 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Cash Register

A cash register will be needed for any retail or wholesale business that deals with cash payments each day.  A cash register may be a basic machine, or an involved point of sale (POS) system that has numerous features. Here are 3 things you need to know before choosing a cash register:

  1. What Are Your Business’s NeedsBoth Short and Long Term?

When buying or looking to hire cash registers Sydney businesses must take the growth of the enterprise into consideration. A system with limited features may be suitable now, but if your business is expanding over the next few years, will need a more complex system.

If you have a large firm with a variety of products, or your business is expanding, a POS system with a barcode scanner and product codes will streamline the sales process and maximise efficiency.

POS systems are well suited to retailers and convenience stores. Also, cafés that sell pre made items such as muesli bars, drinks, crisps and chocolate bars can benefit from POS systems.

  1. What are the Security Features of the Cash Register?

Consider the amount of cash that passes through your cash register. How many people have access to it? You may benefit from password protection features. Having a lockable drawer on the cash register will restrict access. Additionally, keeping a locked cash box or safe nearby will limit the quantity of cash kept in the cash register and deter theft.

  1. Consider Using Inventory Tracking

If you do not keep a lot of inventory (stock) on hand, then a basic cash register will be just fine.

If you deal with a large amount of inventory if may be beneficial for you to have a system which includes inventory tracking. This feature will ensure that you always know what quantities of each of your products are in stock. This saves you time as well as peace of mind, knowing that you will not run out of certain products.

A suitable cash register or POS system will save your business time, help it become more efficient, and in turn increase your bottom line.

When looking to purchase or hire cash registers Sydney Firm Prime Retail Systems can assist. We have been in business for 25 years and supply a range of products to suit every business.



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