Prime Cash Registers was established in 1992 and later Prime Retail Systems was founded alongside. For the past 25 years we have excelled in supporting thousands of Restaurants, Cafes, Convenience stores, and general Retail shops. We pride ourselves on making our customers happy and never leaving them with a result that is less than satisfactory.

As time passed, the advances in technology pushed Prime Cash Registers to new heights. We have progressed alongside these advances and as the market shifted to more Point of Sale Systems as did our expertise. While traditional cash register systems are still practical, we have an array of experience on both spectrums of Cash Registers and Point of Sale Systems, our lengthy time period within the industry has led us to be able to assist in any manner of retail systems.

Our aim is to work alongside our customers and create a friendly relationship and strong support system with our customers. Our business aim is reflected through our clientele as the majority of our customers have remained with us for many years, and are always happy to recommend Prime Retail Systems to potential new business owners. At Prime Retail Systems we are happy to say that it is a pleasure to look after them and potentially you.