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HX-1500, Compact bezel-free touch screen POS

Another “Hybrid” PoS solution out of HX series with Small Footprint and Bezel free 10.4” Touch Screen.

HX-1500 gives you more opportunities to gain a larger market share even competing with PC-PoS terminals in term of pricing. And moreover software and program of HX-1500 is a heritage from HX-4000/4500 so that you do not need to learn again.
And HX-1500, using the embedded software, provides you the benefits of :

  • Save your maintenance jobs & transportation expenses like HX-4000/4500 by Remote Access/Remote Maintenance
  • Data saved for longer period of time by large internal memory
  • With low cost table service option – Android handheld terminal & Phoenix
  • Encourage guests to revisit the shop by enriched customer loyalty
  • Stock management without PC
  • 50,000 PLU’s offer a neat option for Retail Scanning


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